steinerh's 1991 Suzuki VX 800
Info: Bike was a real mess...
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Info: Thanks to ebay, I could get most of the missing parts for a real good deal: fairing, carburetor intake boots, center stand and much much more ...
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Info: Both carburetors had cracks in the diaphragm. I repaired them with an automotive glue (bought from Home Hardware , Canada) that did the job. Carefully sanded around the crack with a 400 grid sandpaper...
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Info: Synchronising the carburetors took a while until I found out that the rear carb was flooding all the time....
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Info: Faring from ebay germany including shipping was real cheap...
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Info: Sanding , filling , grinding .... and again... and again ....
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Info: A tip when using KREEM rust remover: take a handfull of nuts and tie them together. Add 5L of water and shake....
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Info: HighTech collision in Sidney BC did a real nice paint job ! Thanks to NeverDull and Aceton, I could remove the blue paint pretty easy...
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Info: Added a center stand and rear fender and that's how a 1991 SUzuki VX800 should look like !
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Info: Looks much better now.
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