Steve Burrows's Member Page
Member: stevecbr
Name: Steve Burrows
From: Wymondham, Norwich, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years old
Riding For: 31 years
Member Info: Ridden bike for 20+ years. Married with two young kids, work part-time. Always own two bikes, winter and summer bikes to keep the sports bike looking good. Currently have 2013 MT-09 and Honda PCX125 scooter, but tend to change 2nd bikes regularly. In last year have owned XR400,FZ6,DRZ400 & CBR600. Sold the R1 as wasnt really enjoying it, took a XJ6 out and it was really fun. Nearly bought it, then researched and found out the FZ6 was slightly larger, had 20 more BHP, and was cheaper. Bought the FZ6, really impressed with how the naked rode, but wanted something with a bit more power. Tested the FZ8 & 1, but didnt really like the looks, tried the Triumph street triple, but found it small and unexciting. Took the MT-09 for a test as soon as it came out, and OMG had to have one! Immense low down power, front wheel came up in 3rd on test ride, much more grunty than my R1. I agree the fuelling is a bit snatchy, throttle is a bit like a big motocross 2 stroke or tuned bike, very agressive and comes on very strong. The suspension could be improved, but you could say that about most new bikes. So far very impressed, but will be changing tyres from S20''s to more touring based ones (T30''s, had a few moments when tyres are cold!, and I use it all year round, not just sunny weekends)
2014 Yamaha FZ 09

Photos: 4
Purchased: Oct 2013
Info: Obviously its a MT-09, but had to list it by its American name, the FZ-09. Took for test ride, didnt intend to buy one, and bought one straight after my return! Absolutely fantastic, most fun bike I have ever rode. Wheelies in 3rd just of the throttle, very impressive low down power, runs out of steam quickly. Accessories fitted are yamaha screen, radiator covers & R&G radiator guard
2010 Honda Pcx 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jan 2014
Info: Bought as a commuter. Really economical, 120+mpg, fairly nippy round town, doesnt do much more than 65mph. Headlights are brilliant. idle stop is a bit of a gimmick, but works ok if you like that sort of thing
2011 Honda Pcx 125

Photos: 4
Purchased: Nov 2014
Info: Bought another as I regretted selling my older, grey one. Good little scooter to pop about on and to take the kids on. Lots of storage, both under the seat and with the topbox. just over 60mph and it returns over 100mpg
1997 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 1997
Sold: May 2006
Info: Have owned this bike from new, now 9 years. Used regulary, used fairly hard, occasionally used for trackdays. Absolutely no problems in the last 9 years, running costs very cheap. recomended
1991 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 1
Info: totally unreliable, broke down every time i took mit to the local track, sometimes even after only 5 minutes. Should have bought a better one really, was cheap to buy, but cost loads in the long run. frame and engine numbers didnt match, handling was appalling, but it was very quick in a straight line
1990 Yamaha XTZ 750

Photos: 2
Info: Bought cheap as italian import for 1000 with 16000 miles showing. very clean. on doing a service, found previous oil change sticker at 98000 miles!, so had been round clock. intermittent running problems which i never did solve, but when it was running well was supriningly VERY fast on local twisty B roads, and handled well. Could keep up with 600 sports bikes on twisty B roads
2003 Piaggio Beverley 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2005
Info: Bought cheap of Ebay. excellent bike, well recomended. It truly does 70mph, get 75mpg, tax is only 15 a year and insurance is dirt cheap. Has immobilisor as standard, with digital dash showing temp,trips, clock and cigarette lighter under seat
1999 Peugeot Speedfight2 100

Photos: 1
Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: Oct 2005
Info: 55mph, reliable, handling not as good as i expected
2002 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 6
Purchased: May 2006
Sold: May 2011
Info: sold my CBR600 after 9 years of trouble free ownership, and replaced it with an R1. Done 4 or 5 trackdays so far and changed tinted db screen for standard (i thought it spoilt the lines of the bike), and changed the massive number plate for something a bit smaller. and added cotten bobbins to aid using my paddock stand. Had goodridge lines fitted when i bought it, which i dont like-feel wooden, an
2002 Gilera Runner 200 VXR

Photos: 3
Purchased: Oct 2006
Sold: Mar 2007
Info: Actually a 180cc VXR Runner. 4 Stroke, liquid cooled with Thunder Road race can fitted. Very good scooter, easy to work on, does 85mph standard. (and to be honest, a bit slower with ''race'' can on, but sounds a lot better!)
1999 Piaggio Typhoon 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2007
Sold: May 2007
Info: Bought cheap for 280 to use as winter/wet weather bike. Only kept it 2 months as weather got better, and i fancied a change (got a DRZ400 instead). Typhoon itself ran fine, did 75mph, did about 70mpg. The speedo was showing 6200 miles, but condition looked like much more. Had fork gaitors on to cover up forks, underneath the forks were massively pitted. went straight through MOT, sold it on Eba
2003 Suzuki DRZ 400

Photos: 3
Purchased: May 2007
Sold: Mar 2008
Info: Couldnt decide on this or a 2001 Yamaha WR426. The Yamaha just seemed much more extreme,ie no ignition switch,indicators,mirrors,number plate light ect. Also, it sounded ridicously loud, and had scary looking enduro knobblies on. So, being a chicken bought the DRZ instead. Much more sensible, hopefully be much more reliable, and also cheaper to tax & insure. To early to comment on reliability, b
2004 Suzuki DR 400

Photos: 4
Purchased: Mar 2008
Sold: Jun 2008
Info: DRZ400S with lots of extras. Full Akropovic titanium system, which was ridicously loud (I sold it on Ebay for 325 & put standard back on) Excel rims on talon hubs, oversized discs with braking calipers. Mini indicators. looks really good, but handling leaves a bit to be desired. A bit wallowey, and underpowered
1999 Yamaha XJ 600

Photos: 3
Purchased: Sep 2008
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: Winter 2008 bike. Carbs iced up badly in winter, had to use silkolene fst to cure it. Rear shock preload adjusted seized, exhaust blowing from joints (common fault, fixed with car gum & clamp), oil REALLY emulsified in cold weather, as i used for short journeys (less than 10 miles)
2005 Honda FMX 650 Funmoto

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jul 2008
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: Fitted with full Arrow titanium system & Dynojet air filter. Ran a bit crap when i got it (felt like running outta fuel about 70-80 mph) Upjetted main jet (up from 165 to 172 i think) and that sorted problem. Was also 10mph quicker
1991 Yamaha XT 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2009
Sold: Oct 2009
Info: I''m very impressed with this. Now nearly 20 years old, its done 44000km (about 27000 miles), and is going ok, no problems. Does over 50mpg, about 90mph flat out. Currently fitted with TCK enduro tyres, not to grippy on road! Was imported from Italy in 2005, which explains why its in such good condition
1998 BMW F 650 CS

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2008
Sold: Oct 2008
Info: Actually a F650 funduro, but couldnt see on list. Looks an old mans bike, but much better than my DRZ''s or FMX! Handling very good, and quicker than it looks (about 110-115mph)
1999 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Oct 2009
Sold: Feb 2010
Info: Bought as a winter bike for 1300. spec is 1999,CBR600FX. Camel race rep. 26000 miles, stainless headers, Ixil titanium race can, frame & bar end crash protectors, seat hump & tinted double bubble screen, carbon hugger & carbon mini indicators,12 months Tax & MOT, lots of history, good chain & sprockets, Pirelli super corsas, runs fine
2001 Honda CBR 600 FS

Photos: 4
Purchased: Feb 2010
Sold: Jun 2010
Info: Bought cheap off Ebay Feb 2010. Not certain if i will sell it on or track it. Ride really well, downsides are damaged right hand fairing, small dent in tank, and speedo doesnt always work. Tends to take a few miles before speedo works, i am hoping just dampness in connections
2005 Yamaha FZ6N

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2011
Sold: Oct 2013
Info: Bought Ebay
2005 Kawasaki Zx6r Ninja

Photos: 5
Info: owned for 6 weeks. needed new discs front and rear, very heavily scored even though bike only done 16000 miles.Bought 2nd hand ones for ZX10R for 80 of ebay. swapped akrapovic back to standard, exhaust servo has stripped the plastic cogs, needed a 2nd hand servo of Ebay, cost 30
1997 Honda XR 400

Photos: 3
Purchased: Oct 2013
Sold: Dec 2013
Info: Bought from dealer for 1000, had new rear Maxxis tyre and cam chain tensioner fitted, and came with both supermoto wheels and off road wheels. Bought as a winter bike, but to be honest was totally impracticable for my short city commute. No ignition, so had to carry a lock and chain everywhere, no indicators, kick start only, no fuel gauge, digital speedo so reset every time bike was stopped. So

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