stunz's 1989 Suzuki GSX 600
Info: GSX was originally primarily red with black and white highlights. In the process of repainting to black with no identification marks except ont he rego sticker.
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Info: original colour scheme
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Info: Started painting the bike black. Also picked up a cheap bootbox for the GSX's future travels.
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Info: Went from red to black, now going back to original colour red. Only one fairing to complete.
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Info: From red to black back to red again. Red is definitely the colour for this bike.
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Info: having to sell, so repainted back to original colour.
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Purchased: May 2005
Sold: Feb 2007
Information: Being prepared for sale as the CBR was involved in a low side wich ended up with more damage than you''d expect from a low speed lowside and this one has to pay for it... 31 01 2007 - Now back in original colours

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