superstar44's 1987 Honda CR 125
Info: This is how the bike currently looks,im bringing this bike along with a couple more to compete at broometioga,(binghamton ny)on 7/7 to ride the national course.check it out
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Info: this is at broometioga mx track from 7/7/07 at the acr race
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Info: Wow, what a great track to ride,(broometioga)this is at the bottom of the hill,before the long up hill,your on the brakes half way down this hill,then its up hill pinned thru the gears.
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Info: Waiting on the line at the acr event in broometioga,binghamton NY
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Info: This is after the moto cruising back to the son took the photo,i was pointing to him,notice the front brake cable(behind number plate)needed to get the guide put back on...
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Info: after ny race
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Info: This was taken at southwick ma was a acr practice day before the race on saturday,i have a video on you tube of a lap....
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