Calle Lindström's Member Page
Member: swedenrs
Name: Calle Lindström
From: Östergötland, Finspång, Sweden
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Riding For: 23 years
Member Info: I´m a guy who lives in Sweden... I ride an Aprilia 125 rs and a GasGas 280 Trial. Year 2003 I won the SM gold.. haha beet that you old smuck.. If some Swedish guy wants race I´m not that sort of person who back of.. So send me a mail and weel met upp some place.. :) Yee yee see you around
2003 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 9
Info: My Aprilia! :)
2003 Gas Gas Trial 280

Photos: 4
Info: I´ts a nice bike to ride in the woods and mountens. I use to ride on it whit my friends,and youst go wild in the woods. I won the SM this year.. (SM= the biggest competition in Sweden) so you can im a prity good rider :) I´d rekomand Gas Gas if you´r up to buy a Trial bike. They´v come a long way on ther machens and they comes up whit new ideés every year. A nice bike enyway

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