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Member: takiasen
Name: Takiasen Akura
From: Seattle Metro, Western Washington, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 48 years
1980 Kawasaki KZ 1300

Photos: 9
Purchased: Apr 1987
Info: 1980 A-2 model. Just turned 48,000 miles this week(August 2010),. Currently removing all extras and going with stock look. Just put collector plate on(30 years old). Had Pacifico fairing, Krauser bags, top rack and box(not installed in pics), D-G header, K&N air filter, Stage 1 Dynojet carb kit, Electrex stator, Accel coils, Dunlop 491''s, Garmin GPS, rear air shocks, Air Horns, PIAA driving li
1982 Honda XL 500 R

Photos: 30
Purchased: Oct 2005
Info: 1 year only model, has some 1 year only parts(head for 1), so be careful when wrenchin´. That said, it´s the first year for Prolink suspension in the 500 series, and single carb gets average 57 mpg around town. Currently 23K on original bore. Updated Frankenstein light w/KZ900 headlight with aftermarket fork ears and extensions. H4 Ultrasilverstar. Have updated with Supertrapp(12 discs)w/jett
1975 Honda ST 90

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2001
Sold: Oct 2009
Info: Made 3 years only, 1973-1975. Basicly a Honda 90 engine in a Honda 70 frame. A street legal 90, gets about 95mpg. 3 speed tranny is a big minus, Honda should have used the 4 speed from the CT90 or CT200. Mine is pictured with a cherry condition 1979 CT90, last year for the 89cc I believe. Sold for 1250.
1973 Suzuki TS 185

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 1973
Sold: Aug 1980
Info: My first street legal dual-sport. Had the crank stuffed, head decked, and bored 3cc over to 186 with expansion chamber, stock pipe rotted out after only a year. Snuf-R-Not and compression release. Loved this 2 smoke. Wheelie''d easily thru first 3 gears, and bounced up in 4th. Notice the straight rear fender has come back into style on current dual-sport machines. Only took Honda 10 years.
1970 Honda CT 70

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 1970
Sold: Jun 1972
Info: First bike I bought new, made payments thanks to parents co-sign, and paper-route. Flogged it relentlessly to keep up with buddies CT90''s and Yamaha 125''s. Traded it off for a CL160. What a mistake.

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