takksi's 1994 Honda CB 400

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Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: Feb 2006
Information: This model has a 4 cylinder, double overhead camchadt engine, with 4 carbs, each of which pumps fuel into a different cylinder. A very powerful bike, but not very comfortable and practical for everyday use to and from work and errands. In such a case, this bike is not so economical and practical, especially since itīs very tiring in traffic and quite heavy to handle, especially when compared to a scrambler. Itīs fun to drive when you have an open space to let it ride! However, given the road conditions and the short distances here in Malta this bike would be wasted here. Considering the pot-holes found every few metres in every road (with a few exceptions) this bike is a bit dangerous - one of the main reasons I sold it, besides the lack of practicality for short distances and everyday use! However, the bike is very good and reliable and most of all - it has one of the best engines I have ever seen, 94,000km on the clock and still going very strong and working like clockwork!

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