takksi's 1996 Kawasaki KLR 650

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Purchased: Jul 2007
Sold: Sep 2007
Information: This is a 650cc Single Cylinder eingine, Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) with 4 valves. There are two similar models in this range from Kawasaki. There is the KLX 650 which is a lighter frame, more torquey (apparently) and designed for offroading. Then there is the KLR 650 (the one I had), which has a heavier round frame (as opposed to the boxed frame on the KLX), less torque but supposedly bigger high-end speeds and is designed for touring, in the same way as the Honda Transalp as one might say. Well, as you can see from the purchase and sale date, this bike and I didn''t really get on well together. It was a nice bike, well kept, big and nice. However, it wasn''t comfortable to drive at all! The engine/chain/sprockets were geared too high, and was very difficult to drive in slow traffic. The engine stalled at a speed less than 15km/h on first gear! Other than that, to drive in normal cruising conditions, I had to drive on third gear, since the engine starts shattering on fourth gear when going slower than around 50km/h and on fifth gear when going slower than 65km/h - 75km/h. This was bad when compared to both the Honda CB400 and Suzuki DR250 I had! The Suzuki was a dear, lovely bike, nice looks, good engine, and keeps high gears at lower speeds! Well, to make things worse, when compares to the approximate 70mpg that the Suzuki used to give me, the Kawasaki KLR650 used to do only around 47mpg which was a hell lot less than I expected! I expected around 57mpg - 60mpg but not 47! Notwithstanding all this, the bike was not really what one would expect a 650cc to be! It had not much torque and couldn''t keep high gears, especially at low speeds. The highest speed I ever clocked on it was around 130km/h or 140km/h, which is not impressive either for a 650cc!

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