terrywilson's 1999 Suzuki RMX 250
Info: Me and my RMX not long after I got it (left hand side) at the top of the Old Man Range heading from Piano Flat over to Alexandra in 2006
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Info: Looking shiny after a good wash.....
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Info: The bikes on my wedding day (Dec 31 2006), Left, My 99 RMX, Middle, Jonathans 01 RM, Right, Mervs 93 RMX
If you use trail bikes to make your entrance to a wedding you should be prepared to get muddy ...
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Info: The RMX not long after I brought it.
It wasn't long before those ugly as sin hand guards and headlight were removed.....
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Info: The RMX being rescued from the Nevis valley.  The Kawasaki its on still managed to sit on 70k the whole way out; once he had gotten used to the handling....
Look at the other picture to find out what...
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Info: Loading the RMX onto the back of a mates Kawasaki 650 after it died in the middle of the Nevis Valley in Central Otago.

Turns out it was water in the fuel; didnt work that out till we drained the t...
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Information: Once I dropped the rubbish standard carb for the PWK38 this bike became a joy to ride. Nothing fancy on it, pro taper bars, boyseen reeds (standard cage), devol radiator guards, wiseco piston kit and some pretty stickers!

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