thedoctor's 2000 Aprilia RS 50
Info: nice picture of a slightly tuned rs. it shows the beautiful lines of the bike.
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Info: this is the standard 2000 model rs.
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Info: the beautiful 2001 axo-gp replica.
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Info: who still dares to say the rs is just a little bike?
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Info: a 2000 rs 50 with rossi "identi-kit". looks beautifull
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Info: AI CARAMBA!! if just every rs 50 could look like this one! no, this is a modified picture of a rs 250 from the aprilia challenge. nice work though.
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Info: 1st part from a test with the aprilia rs 50 in "sport rider" magazine. couldn't get the second one online cause it's too big
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Info: my friend on my rs givin' the big one to all his best buds =D
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Info: my m8 just hoping to play with the big boys toys...
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Info: nice action pic... goin' smooth...
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Info: some shot i tried out... not too bad in m.h.o. =)
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Info: don't take this personnal ;-) he's just havong a blast here...
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Info: from left to right: great RS50 - wannabe biker - wannabe biker's shitty ride :p 
(niks persoonlijk  rosse...)
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Information: if you''re under 18, this is the mightiest weapon you can get stuck under your but... gets to higly illegal speeds, and is as nervous as a rodeo-horse... RAAAAHHH LOVELY!

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