thewheeldeal's 2000 Honda CBR 600

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Purchased: Mar 2003
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Information: This is the first 4stroke I have owned as all my other bikes have been hot 2stroke screamers. Impressed? Well, having allways been a 2stroke purist I had the chance of buying this 2000 CBR600f with 1800miles on the clock for a ridiculously cheap price. I unfortuanately had to let go of my Aprillia RS250 to fund the purchase. Regrets?..No ! All my mates have got R6´s or ZX6R´s(better 600´s if you believe the bike magazines) and I can now woop ass easily. I do track days at my local curcuit (Castle Coombe) and I am constantly amazed at how the so called "experienced riders" on the GSXR 1000´s struggle to get past the CBR. The RS250 was blindingly quick through the corners but allways got gazumped on the staights. The CBR600F however out corners the superbikes and has just enough juice to stay with them till the next braking point which pisses the "I´ve got loads of horsepower" gang off no end!!! I think I´ve just about mastered the 105 bhp now and will now progress to the new 2004 CBR 1000RR(or fireblade as it was known) but take it from me the CBR600F is a serious piece of kit.Don´t be fooled by the the magazine talk, test ride one ,its as fast as any 600 out there and is much easier to ride than all the others.Its as mechanically reliable as any bike because its a Honda and they hold there value too.

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