Thor-Rune Hansen's Member Page
Member: thorrune
Name: Thor-Rune Hansen
From: Steigen, Norway
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Riding For: 12 years
Member Info: I''m in no way a hardcore bike fan. I drive my Suzuki SMX 2004 to and fro work in summertime, with the ocational trip up the many drit roads and steep hills around here. The rest of the year, there''s no driving nothing.
2004 Suzuki SMX 50

Photos: 13
Info: It''s close to original. I drove it as original for the first 3 years, and then it had been broken down so much it hardly did a 30 kph. So first bought a trim muffeler, but it just went too fast, upwards to 80 kph. So we removed one of the two restrictions in the original muffeler, and now it does 60 kph wich is just perfect for me. The box on the back was bought soon after the moped. It''s not inte
2003 Derbi GPR 50 Replica

Photos: 3
Info: My brothers new old Derbi, bought unused from the dealer after standing about for many years - at close to full price. Talk about crappy buy ^^ Schrews were even loosely tied, the rear wheel was not straight, the battery was close to flat, the chain was loose... Everything was utter bullcrap, and despite it being many years old - it had not been ridden, and should not be like that!

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