thorrune's 2004 Suzuki SMX 50
Info: Me on my moped
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Info: Old pic of the moped
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Info: Old pic
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Info: Old pic, from just after dad bought it.
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Info: Moped tracks on the beach
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Info: My moped parked on the side of the road
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Info: Crosser-style mopeds are good for photosafaris in the forrest.
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Info: It's a great view, eh? :]
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Info: My Suzuki ready for a camping trip! Sleeping bag, field-mathrass and tent tied with a string to the box that in turn is schrewed on the bar at the back of the original moped.
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Info: Campingtrip with the moped. You can't go far unless your willing to spend all day, but if you live roural you can go far enough! That there was a good night sleeping just by the beach, ignoring the ra...
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Info: Check out the view!
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Info: Common frontal shot from when the moped was new. (Crappy camera)
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Info: Common rear view from when the moped was new.
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Info: Somewhy the moped looks so much cmaller when i'm on it! From when the moped was new.
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Information: It''s close to original. I drove it as original for the first 3 years, and then it had been broken down so much it hardly did a 30 kph. So first bought a trim muffeler, but it just went too fast, upwards to 80 kph. So we removed one of the two restrictions in the original muffeler, and now it does 60 kph wich is just perfect for me. The box on the back was bought soon after the moped. It''s not intended for a SMX, but dad got it on with schrews and metal pieces - it''s stain on now for many years of part-time offroading/heavy beatings. It makes the bike look like a pizza delivery bike allmost, but that dosen''t matter as it makes it far, far more usable for trips to the grocery store, etc =) So yeah, i''m largely satisfied with it. There''s ben no problems, other then the speedometer wire braking at 5000 km (where it is now), and the chain is a bit loose so i''ll have to replace that untill next summer.

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