tintin1010's 1982 Yamaha RD 350

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Info: same bike with a new look
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Info: rd 350 transformed
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Info: me and the beast
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Info: rajdeeps rd 350...
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Info: my  deram
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Purchased: May 2006
Sold: n/a
Information: This model is a 1982 year model .Just bought this one for745 dollars .to make it look killer have to spend 530 dollars more .fitted with a electronic kit which goes for 150 dollars so direct current to the engine from the battery is not given .this bike after 24 years screams and runs like hellllllllllllllllll. its a good feeling that i have owning this biek..its a bike which cannot lose its importance..YAMAHA I AM PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF UR FAMILY.Yamaha means never say die.. engine .....amost spend 80000 rs on the bike still i guess 20000 to go with disk brakes an dthe new pistons as its not been changed since 25 years...

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