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Name: B Hutsler
From: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
1967 Honda SS125A Super Sport 125

Photos: 8
Info: Here is a nice example of an early Super Sport 125, recently restored to near-original condition. This restoration was a labor of love, because at one time in my life I would have kissed a pig to have one of these beauties. Honda originally raced with a 125 twin and imported 2-3 models from 1959 to 1963, but they stopped importing them to the USA to reduce competition for their CA95 Benly 150.
1976 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 12
1975 Honda CB 550

Photos: 8
1978 Yamaha XS 400

Photos: 1
Info: This bike was bought in restored condition and is now driven by my nephew in Lubbock TX. This is a 1978 XS400 .... special because it sported the front disc brake similar to the CB360 by Honda. This bike has proven to be reliable as a brick for the last 4 years.
1969 Honda CB 125

Photos: 7
Info: This is actually a SS125A but BikePics does not recognize the SS125A/CL125A as a separate model so I listed it as a CB to get the pics on the board. This ´69 model is my second restoration of a SS125A, this one is very close to original condition. The major difference is the pipes... the ones on the bike are aftermarket, the original are nearly unobtainium. Note that this bike has no starter
1975 Honda Goldwing

Photos: 7
Purchased: Mar 2006
Info: This was my second restoration of a GL1000, done in order to display it at a Goldwing meet in June ''06. This is the first year of the GL1000, done in Candy Antares Red. This bike had 20K miles and is all original. It needed hours of polishing and repairs, but the results were pleasing. Both the ''76 and the ''75 are seen in the last photo.
1976 Honda CB 750

Photos: 15
Info: This bike came to me as a "basket case" and was restored from the frame up. Other than side covers it is all original or NOS parts. Originally an under 10K mile bike, it suffered from extensive rust/corrosion. New old stock exhaust, rechromed grabrail/brake/shifter, OEM seat/restored gauges. Not a museum piece, but high level "rider"
1965 Honda CB 160

Photos: 7
Purchased: Mar 2006
Sold: Mar 2006
Info: Honda made a variety of twin-cyl, twin-carb, dual down-swept exhaust bikes with a racing attitude starting with the CB92 (125 twin). Later the CB250 "Hawk" and the CB305 "Super Hawk" helped to cement Honda as a major player in the American market. These bikes were fast and light, reliable and economical. Honda had the CA95 positioned between the CB92 and the CB305 and later cr

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