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Member: tone165
Name: Tone Geerkins
From: Nerang, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 58 years old
Member Info: I am ex New Zealand Army, now living in Australia. Have been riding all my life, and have recently joined Ulysses Club. Loving it!
1993 Yamaha GTS 1000

Photos: 2
Info: Rare bike with worldwide following. Came in red and blue only. Took flak for repainting non standard colour. (apparently the red ones are faster) Some features: RADD front end, ABS brakes, EFI, Catalitic converter, 5 valve per cyl engine. And after all that...still chain driven!
1988 Suzuki GSX 1100

Photos: 3
Info: My Favorite. Love the paintwork! Has a few quirks...mirrors useless due to vibration. Smooth power from low revs, sporty handling, blinding top speed (280k before courage gave out) Not very popular in Aussie, have seen very few others, and none as good. Never for sale. After 27 yrs..I have finally had her as good as new again!
1983 Suzuki GSX 250 Across

Photos: 1
Info: its a 93...couldnt change the 83 to 93. This is my daughters first bike. I highly reccomend family outings...(when no-one can talk to each other) The family that plays together..........
1983 Suzuki GSX 1100

Photos: 1
Info: My first bike after marriage (not including Honda C50 and ratty old CB550) Had to finance it, and made wrought iron gates at night to keep up payments (NZ Army doesn´t pay much) I could only afford it because it had thrown a rod, front of crankcase "sweats" around repair, but still went great for yrs. This is not pic of "the" bike it was stolen while my brother was borrowing
1987 Suzuki GSX 750

Photos: 0
Info: This one was replacement for stolen GSX1100S, Nice light bike.
1983 Yamaha XT 550

Photos: 1
Info: Sometimes you need one you can biff on the back of the truck, to commute to/from sites (Im in Earthmoving) that can stand a scratch here and there. Not the first choice for touring, but fun all the same! A bit heavy to use as dirtbike...Id say "Trailbike"
1999 Honda CB 600 (Hornet)

Photos: 1
1991 Kawasaki KLE 500

Photos: 1
1998 Kawasaki ZZR 600 / ZX6

Photos: 1
2002 Suzuki Hayabusa

Photos: 1
2004 Suzuki SV 650s

Photos: 1
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