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1979 Honda CBX 1050

Photos: 2
Info: I got this from a guy in Illinois in 2007 and the love affair began. There is absolutely nothing that sounds like a CBX and the slight vibration that travels into the bars makes me feel like I am part of the machine. Keep the rpm''s up high and the throttle wide open and the old girl has the ability to take my breath away. I liked it so much that I added the 80 CBX in 2008 and who knows, maybe anot
1982 Honda CB 750

Photos: 16
Info: Over the past five years I have turned a well maintained garage kept bike into a very good condition near mint example of a not so collectable CB750K. The DOHC 750''s haven''t become a wanted item yet withy the exception of the 79 Anniversary Edition but then I don''t follow the trends, I collect what I like. If you bring back even the lowlyest model to near showroom condition itm becomes collectable
1969 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
Info: I was just getting ready to shut off the computer at 3 am, taking a last look to see if I had missed anything and there it was, a rough, original CB750 with a build date of 12/69. It isn''t the so-called sand-cast but what the heck, they aren''t a good investment anymore anyway with the prices in the $10-$25K range. I did the buy-it-now and once I heard back from the guy a couple of hours later me a
1971 Honda CB 450

Photos: 2
1971 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
1972 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
1974 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
1975 Honda CB 550

Photos: 2
1971 Honda CB 500

Photos: 2
Info: This is one of those deals you only hear about .....first production year....low price....low mileage (2760) ....very good original condition!!!! THE TRIP HOME!!!!!!! About 100 miles north of kansas city coming back from picking up this bike in mn, i blew one of those crappy tires from the highway repair truck that i had to pay an exorbitant price for a couple of years before, the shaft was mi
1975 Honda CL 360

Photos: 2
Info: Because of all the flaws found in the previous owners so-called restoration i tore the bike down to the frame with the intension of a thorough frame up build using the new parts i have and any i can locate. Depending on how diligent my process goes i could easily end up with the nicest example of a cl360 around with the exception of any that might still be in the shipping crate hidden in someones
1976 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
1979 Honda CB 750

Photos: 4
Info: Project bike desperately in need of restoration. I drove to connorsville, indiana with a trailer and picked up this and an 82 cb750. When i crossed the indiana line the highway became slick with ice from a snowstorm earlier in the day. By the time i arrived at indianapolis my truck was barely able to pull the trailer so i stopped at a motel. By morning it was almost 20 below zero and my truck wou
1975 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
1968 Honda CL 125 A SCRAMBLER

Photos: 2
1969 Honda CL 125 A SCRAMBLER

Photos: 2
1968 Honda CB 160

Photos: 1
1966 Honda CB 160

Photos: 3
1980 Honda CBX 1050

Photos: 13
1984 Honda VF700S (Sabre)

Photos: 9
1972 Honda Cb350f

Photos: 6
Info: 1972 CB350F in very good condition. Came from second owner that worked for the Honda shop that took it in trade. Seeing how exceptional the bike was he took it home and did the usual maintenance operation before parking it in his garage. I won it from him on Ebay this year and after taking delivery started making a list of needed tweaks. The mufflers were rotted at the down pipe joint as usual, a
1968 Honda CL 450

Photos: 3
Info: The 68 CL450 is the first model year for the CL450 series and considered to be the most collectable. Over the years I have acquired a good eye for seeing through the ugly to correctly evaluate the condition and this one is a perfect candidate for a 100% restoration. Doing things a little different this time, I will be collecting nearly all of the new parts before starting the tear-down.

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