twinegar's 1969 Honda CB 750
Info: 1969 HONDA CB750
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Info: 1969 Honda CB750
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Information: I was just getting ready to shut off the computer at 3 am, taking a last look to see if I had missed anything and there it was, a rough, original CB750 with a build date of 12/69. It isn''t the so-called sand-cast but what the heck, they aren''t a good investment anymore anyway with the prices in the $10-$25K range. I did the buy-it-now and once I heard back from the guy a couple of hours later me and my dog were in the truck heading for a little town in Indiana at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. I did the pick-up without laying over and pulled into my drive late that night. It was kind of an OMG moment and a few block away from the seller I pulled into a mini-mart, climbed into the bed of my truck and gave it the thrice over. Even though the seller had acquired it as litterally as barn find and had done a few things not the least of which was painting it fire engine red......yuk. The first thing I did upon arriving home was to go to Ebay and buy a new set of HM300 exhaust with the last of my savings. As of today it sits in my back room in the dark waiting for the day that I am finally done with my other easier, less expensive to restore bikes. Before I do anything to it I will be acquiring thing like the oem duck-tail seat and all new rubber parts for an engine rebuild. The engine only has about 4k on the clock but I am sure the non-metallic parts have become hard and not very efficient. I discovered a couple of years after bringing it home why the bike had been parked with only 3400 miles on the clock, someone had obviously rear ended or slammed into something and bent the rame tubes under the fuel tank so a primary replacement part will be a good used 69 frame.

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