twinegar's 1971 Honda CB 500
Info: 1971 HONDA CB500
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Info: 1971 Honda CB500
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Information: This is one of those deals you only hear about .....first production year....low price....low mileage (2760) ....very good original condition!!!! THE TRIP HOME!!!!!!! About 100 miles north of kansas city coming back from picking up this bike in mn, i blew one of those crappy tires from the highway repair truck that i had to pay an exorbitant price for a couple of years before, the shaft was missing to lower the spare so i had to use an allen wrench to lower it. The jack wouldn''t raise the truck high enough because of the weight of the motorcycle so i had to dig the gravel out, lowering the earth so i could get the tire off. It was flat so i used 2 cans of old air to get enough in to limp to the station a half mile up the road and get air. The tire is so old there were cracks all over it so i only put 26lbs in and the wheel is rusted so badly that i was afraid it might collapse. Needless to say i barely made it back. I thought i was going to have to wait for the highway patrol and get another crappy tire from the tire repair truck. I call this adventure traveling. The truck ran and handled great though and the bike was worth every moment of misery.

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