twinegar's 1979 Honda CB 750
Info: 1979 HONDA CB750
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Info: 1979 Honda CB750
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Info: This is the ad picture and after the intensive repairs and replacements that were made I will never bring home shit like this again.
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Information: Project bike desperately in need of restoration. I drove to connorsville, indiana with a trailer and picked up this and an 82 cb750. When i crossed the indiana line the highway became slick with ice from a snowstorm earlier in the day. By the time i arrived at indianapolis my truck was barely able to pull the trailer so i stopped at a motel. By morning it was almost 20 below zero and my truck wouldn''t start. I waited until the sun came up and warmed the front of the truck and proceeded to my destination. I wound up driving a rural road with snow up to the rockers. I left the truck and trailer in the middle of the road while we loaded the bikes. I was beginning to think i might be getting the raw end of this deal. Anyway i hoped for the best and headed back home thru the slush. By the time i entered illinois the bikes were coated in salt and road grime and once I made it home and unloaded this cripple me and my dog went to bed hoping to wake up from this nightmare to see an empty garage.

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