Monarue Zazakei's Member Page
Member: tzmyanzavoid
Name: Monarue Zazakei
From: Singapore
Gender: Female
Age: 34 years old
Riding For: 14 years
Member Info: Hi... I´m a bike-lover or a lady-rider!!! Wat i mean is dat i can do certain things despite of my small size.. And im a kind of more interested in wat guys can do den wat a ladies like to do.. Sounds kinda like a ´tomboy´ ya... Haha..!! Eventhough i´m small in size, most people can´t believe that i could ride a bike! LOL! I love to watch movies or tv shows that has a lot of motorbikes GP racing eg. Torque, etc. And i like to go out riding with all my galfrenz... It´s fun, interesting & adventurous with all the lady-riders!!! People will look at you especially the ´guys´ with jaws-opened...!!!
1995 Yamaha TZM 150

Photos: 2
1998 Yamaha TZM 150

Photos: 0

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