Ubiratã Muniz da Silva's Member Page
Member: ubiratamuniz
Name: Ubiratã Muniz da Silva
From: Guará II, Guará, Distrito Federal, Brazil
Gender: Male
Age: 38 years old
Riding For: 10 years
Homepage: http://www.ubiratamuniz.xpgplus.com.br
2009 Harley Davidson XL 883R

Photos: 33
Purchased: Jul 2013
Info: My first Harley! This little beauty was bought with low miles and fully equiped. SE Exhaust and breather, Roland Sands seat, Dakota speedometer, digital fuel gauge, "Suricato" fuel management system. Some more mods to come.
1998 Suzuki GN 250

Photos: 31
Purchased: May 2006
Sold: Dec 2006
Info: Very reliable and comfortable ride, good for starters in the bike world. This was my first motorcycle.
2003 Suzuki Burgman 400

Photos: 35
Purchased: Sep 2006
Sold: Feb 2008
Info: It''s a Benz with two wheels! Spectacular.
2007 Honda XR 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: Feb 2008
Info: Got this one as trade-in for the Burgman. It is a good bike, although I kept it for only 20 days.
2004 Honda NX 4 Falcon

Photos: 14
Purchased: Feb 2008
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: Great ride. Not as fast as the Burgman 400, but more adequate to Brazilian roads.
2005 Yamaha XTZ 125

Photos: 12
Purchased: Aug 2008
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: Got this one as trade in for the NX 4 Falcon. Intended to keep this for only a few days, but it proved to be a good daily use bike.
2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200

Photos: 25
Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Dec 2010
Info: My entry into the 4-cylinder world. GREAT bike. Will miss it.
2005 Yamaha Fazer 250

Photos: 11
Purchased: Dec 2010
Sold: Jan 2011
Info: Got this from a friend as a trade-in on the Bandit. Didn''t get used to the bike''s size (too small for me) so I sold it to a friend.
1998 Yamaha XT 600

Photos: 0
Purchased: May 2009
Sold: Dec 2009
Info: Got this one as a trade-in for a car. It surprised me as a great, fun, very reliable ride. Mine was painted matt black by the previous owner. All pics taken from cell phone, not very high quality.
1999 Honda NX 350

Photos: 101
Purchased: Mar 2011
Sold: Dec 2012
Info: This is my first restoration project... Bought this motorbike which was in "scrap pile" conditions (but still had documents) from a friend for a very very low price... LOL and I made a complete overhaul on this bike, in a project that consumed 7 months and some ca$h. Now it''s just GREAT. ;-) It was completed on Sept 29th, 2011.
2011 Hyosung GV 250 Aquila

Photos: 78
Purchased: Aug 2012
Sold: Jul 2013
Info: This is my first V-Twin bike. Okay, it´s a small V-Twin, but a V-Twin anyway. Its "factory" color is black with silver stripes. I intend to customize it and post pictures as long as the project goes on. Here in Brazil it is called "Mirage" and assembled by "Kasinski".

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