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Name: Sacrificial Records
From: United States
Gender: Male
Age: 41 years old
Riding For: 29 years
1982 Yamaha XJ 650

Photos: 4
Purchased: Sep 2003
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: Insane acceleration in 3rd-5th gears. Wiped out and broke my foot on this 1. Rear drum brake got me. Hard to believe it weighs ~570 lbs given the pep! Lazy handling, mushy brakes, and I did mention it is heavy. this motorcycle was definitely intended for a 6´+ person, i was never very comfortable on it. too wide, tall, & handlebar too far. total cost $1627.64. This 1 was like new: 9500 miles, in d
1978 Kawasaki KZ 650

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2000
Sold: Aug 2000
Info: This was my first street bike. It is also my favorite because it fit me perfectly. I am <6'' in height and on this mid-size bike i felt fearless. excellent brakes, handling and comfort. pretty good acceleration. it would go up to 120 mph @ max rpm without problems all day long. i came so close to scratching mufflers on the pavement so many times it hurts to remember! it came with the original t
1977 Kawasaki KZ 750

Photos: 6
Purchased: Mar 2001
Sold: Aug 2001
Info: This was a basic iron grocery getter. loud, vibrating, stiff suspension, lots of tinkering required, especially with the old-skool points ignition. It had ~30K miles when i bought it and came with the original tool kit. I bought the owner´s manual on kawasaki´s website. I drove it all over north-western Oregon. it was rather top-heavy but the handling was above average although twitchy on bad asp
1973 CZ 250 Cross

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 1994
Sold: Jul 1994
Info: my 1st dirt bike. bought it for 75$, drained the carb, cleaned the plugs, new fuel mix, and after ~1 hour of kicking and cussing it was driveable. old-skool power band: little power off idle with a sudden wheelie-inducing kick at mid-rpm. I did not have a truck to take it to the track so i sold it for $ 350.
1980 Yamaha Maxim 650

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2001
Sold: Aug 2001
Info: plush cruiser, low-maintenance, simple chassis.
1982 Yamaha XJ 750

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 2001
Sold: Aug 2001
Info: Soft tourer with 49K miles. bought for $150, no problems after i sorted out the elaborate wiring and massaged the chassis back to life. nice low center of gravity and good brakes. designed for tall people but comfortable even for me. polished it oh-so-pretty and sold for 700$. all pictures lost in a disk crash, oww :(
1981 Suzuki GS 850

Photos: 0
Purchased: Aug 2002
Sold: Sep 2002
Info: This was the Laverne cruiser model. it was impounded in 1999 and sat in a repo yard in Alaska for 3 years. it looked like a decrepit pile of junk. i bought it at an auction for 175$. After a while of massaging back to life I rode it home that afternoon! very easy-riding large cruiser. low center of gravity, stable on all surfaces, can hardly feel its mass. endless torque and low-maintenance. this
1987 Kawasaki KX 500

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 2001
Sold: Aug 2001
Info: fast as hell, 505 cc, better-than-new complete rebuild. I actually got it for free as a rolling frame & 2 buckets of parts. I bought the owner´s manual on kawasaki´s website. they also have all the parts diagrams there. $950 later it was my shiny suicide machine. psycho-riding the woodsy trails was stressful and fun! this engine had 3 power-bands: "just strong enough" to pull uphill on s
1982 Yamaha IT 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 2005
Sold: Oct 2006
Info: starts in 3-5 kicks and pops a wheelie on command! it fits me better than any previous bike and is light-weight , almost like a moped. simple and awesome.
1982 Honda CM 450E

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Sep 2006
Info: Bought this 1 for 400$. with 22K miles it runs amazingly smooth, excellent mid-range pep. with 2 cylinders it is a relatively light bike, which is just right for me. installed a new battery and mirrors on it. it is great for around-town sprints. i don''t know how fast it goes because the tires are far too old for that experiment :-) bought saddle skin job for 100$ - the bike looked sweet, almost ne
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