user1213's 1977 Kawasaki KZ 750

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Info: wipeout! went too fast & could not slow down properly. notice the busted windscreen leaning on the engine.
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Info: good thing this 1 came with a box of additional stuff. after i broke the big windscreen i installed the tiny 1.
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Info: mad max - style
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Purchased: Mar 2001
Sold: Aug 2001
Information: This was a basic iron grocery getter. loud, vibrating, stiff suspension, lots of tinkering required, especially with the old-skool points ignition. It had ~30K miles when i bought it and came with the original tool kit. I bought the owner´s manual on kawasaki´s website. I drove it all over north-western Oregon. it was rather top-heavy but the handling was above average although twitchy on bad asphalt. fuel economy 53-55 mpg in mixed riding, ~150 mi range. It had some kind of ignition amp but i ripped it off right away and instead tuned the engine properly. ignition amplifiers don´t make a bit of difference as long as existing tune is perfect. speaking of ignition, one damp morning i decided to kick-start it and the engine fired totally backwards i am guessing due to condensation on the points. the damn kickstarter almost destroyed my achille´s tendon & my heel, with a CraCKK! I knew it was going to hurt so i quickly put out the kickstand, hopped to a chair on the porch, and then it hit me. I might have passed out for a while, i thought i should die. this was my most painful injury of all. total cost of this motorcycle: $550. top speed 110-115 mph laying down (so many rides to work across the metropolis :). very good mods for this motor is lightweight aftermarket exhaust, and removing the kickstarter and the center stand.

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