Upendra Laxmeshwar's Member Page
Member: usl52
Name: Upendra Laxmeshwar
From: Pashan Road, PUNE, Maharashtra, India
Gender: Male
Age: 65 years old
Riding For: 52 years
Member Info: A die hard biker and a Yamaha lover, I ride to work and back, more than 80 km everyday, even now. I suppose that is sufficient proof of my love for biking !!
1983 Yamaha RD 350

Photos: 2
Purchased: Sep 1983
Info: The First RD to be registered in Maharashtra State, I got the bike directly from Escorts on Sept 07, 1983. The bike is Stock and MINT, with everything (meaning e v e r y t h i n g) being stock (as received from the factory) right upto even the HL/TL bulbs, as even the cables, and every nut/bolt, as well as the chrome and paint. Except of course, the tyres !! Have clocked over 50,000 on the bike, w

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