usl52's 1983 Yamaha RD 350
Info: My RD350B is a 1983 manufactured bike. The bike is in Mint condition, with each and every part still from the factory, including the cables and bulbs. The paint and chrome too is original and the bike...
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Purchased: Sep 1983
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Information: The First RD to be registered in Maharashtra State, I got the bike directly from Escorts on Sept 07, 1983. The bike is Stock and MINT, with everything (meaning e v e r y t h i n g) being stock (as received from the factory) right upto even the HL/TL bulbs, as even the cables, and every nut/bolt, as well as the chrome and paint. Except of course, the tyres !! Have clocked over 50,000 on the bike, with 3 times change of piston rings and points. And boy, does she still sing into the ton....

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