vadenb's 1989 Honda CBR 600
Info: this is my baby as i bought her in the winter of 2000
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Info: i was hit by a drunk driver literally a week after i got my bike on the road 7 days to when i got it all inspected and registered i was hit by a drunk driver that is a hard way to learn that bikes are...
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Info: this is my bike now summer 2001 oct i am almost done fixing her all up
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Info: another pic
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Info: same day as well almost done 
i now have finishede pics and i hope to post them soon.Just have to get my hands on a scanner
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Information: hey there i have done alot of work on my bike after i was hit by the drunk drive i sanded her all down and that is why she looks so bad..and i got the rest of the paint job bill today : ( dam interest. anyways i am looking for new windows on the side panels for my bike mainly the left one my right window is ok. thaks for having a look. Have a good day.

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