vfr6002's 1998 Honda VFR 800

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Info: Downy doing a straight on POWER WHEELIE on his beloved 98 HONDA VFR800 fi. Yeah baby! V-Four, you got to love that!
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Info: Downy doing an other power wheelie coming from second gear...
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Info: I am just getting ready to do a wheeli as you can see that the front tire is starting to lift up into the SKY!!! as they say, "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!"
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Info: ooo....here we got a very nice nice picture of the sexy behind on this lovely VFR 800. Now girls, no need to get jealous with this booty! :)
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Info: here you can see me TOBY steering damper. I own my life to this as this onced saved my ass one time when I came crashing down back to earth from doing a wheeli and way bit to hard. "I LOVE YOU TO...
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Info: oooo.... It looks mean doesn't it? that's because it is "THE BEST". As some people say.
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