voldemort's 2004 Sachs MadAss 50

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Information: The MadAss does exist and is a production model. I didn´t make it up. It´s being made by German manufacturer Sachs, and it´s a real crazy moped. It looks like nothing you´ve seen b4. But it´s real dissapointing to ride. It can only do about 55-60km/h flat out. The little 4-stroke engine is gutless. And the seat is really high. I mean REALLY high. You stretch your arms fully to grab the handlebars and after a while your wrists start to hurt. Like a Supersport bike with pedal power... Bliah. Ok, it can wheelie if you really push it, and it does stoppies. But the build quality sucks. Hey Sachs. Sort your ideas out. This shit has some great potential, don´t blow it.

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