voldemort's 2008 Honda CB 1000
Info: In Milan, during the launch of the 2008 Honda CB1000R
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Info: It was a rainy day. And Honda thought... why don't we have the photo-shoot in the city of Milan where it's drier than the mountain roads? 
Why not indeed? Oh, yes. We had fun!
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Info: Austin Powers, international man of mystery this is your life! Or... what happens when Honda mixes up the magazine cards, hahahahaha!
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Information: This is the 2008 Honda CB1000R. Just came back from Milan, where I attended the European launch of the 1000cc streetfighter. Ok, this is THE ONE! The CB1000R is the first ever REAL Stretfighter that uses an inline 4 cylinder engine. FORGET about the (weak at the knees) FZ-1. FORGET about the wobbly Z1000. FORGET about the old Hornet 900. The CB1000R ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An incredibly potent engine delivers brutal power from VERY low revs, unlike all other 4cylinder bikes, culminating to a crazy rush on the upper level. The bike is a gem to ride, a wheelie king, a brute force, a great scratcher, a great all-rounder, wonderfully able in all departments, fuck, fuck, I can''t find a single flaw... This is the ULTIMATE SURPRISE from the conservative big H. Suffice to say that if you are not having fun on this saddle, then you must be dead! I WANT ONE AND I WANT IT NOW!

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