voldemort's 2008 KTM Duke II
Info: Hey, this bike spins so much it makes for great and efortless rolling burnouts
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Info: Well it was windy and this bike ain't made for precision wheelies. But who cares.
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Info: Stoppie. The Duke's front brake doesn't like or encourage stoppies.
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Info: Spring was here, and now it's gone. Happy summer ppl.
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Info: In this one you can admire the vertically placed headlamps.
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Information: This is actually a Duke III. The new 690 Duke. And it''s a really powerful one cylinder bike! It spits 63hp on the back wheel, and it goes up to 190km/h. Now for the bad part. Though it looks great, it certainly ain''t perfect. It''s geared really high, and it lacks the low-down grunt of a hairy-chested one cylinder bike. It''s also extremely silent (read: reastricted) and it makes a terribly uncool sound when caned. The front brake is spongy and grabby and when you try stoppies, you can easily land on your face. Gearbox is crap, it misses gears and it''s hard to change when at full throttle. Same goes with wheelies. Yes, it will wheelie, but it needs work, and attention. Also crap michelin pilot power tires mean it slides and spins, and spins, and slides... all the time. So even if it looks like a stunt bike, it needs some work before it becomes a true hair (and hell)-raiser. And costing near 10k euros in Greece it''s not a cheap bike.

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