voldemort's 2008 Yamaha V-Max 1200
Info: In the diner I asked what coffee did they serve. "Leaded and unleaded", was the answer.
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Info: Check out the horn!!!!!!!!
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Info: Like stealing candy from a child
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Info: Taking it easy
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Information: This is NOT the 1200, but the new 1679cc 2008 model. We''ve travelled to San Diego, California, where the Yamaha/Star world presentation was taking place. In spite of the heavy police presence, and in spite of the neighborhood watch maniacs, we managed to taste some action, while at the same time remaining out of jail. The bike is POWERFUL. Yes, 200hp!!! Saw 150mph on the speedo, and everytime you opned the throttle the rear wheel screamed for mercy, leaving long black lines forever and ever. It wheelies, kind of a tough job, and it corners -but you must "flow". It despises nervous riding and it will try to spit you off, if you''re riding in said style. It''s heavy but will plow along in all situations. It''s the epitomy of over-engineering, hitting the US market target straight in the head.

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