voldemort's 2010 Husqvarna SM 610 S

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Information: This is NOT the 610, but the NEW 630 SMS. Come one Bikepics guys, this is a great site, please, please add the new models, or let the users add them themselves. :-( Anyway, this is the BMW version of the 610. What does that mean? A certain refinement in all sections, in order to make this bike more user-friendly, and gain sales in the more "everyday" rider section. Don''t get fooled by the press kit''s claims of 20% more power. Euro3 means less power than the SM 610, by 3-4 horses. New frame rocks, but the suspension needs some setting up. New saddle? Yes, it''s more supple, but NOT comfy! In fact it sucks. New lights? They suck 2. What DOESN''T suck though, is the bike''s FUN POTENTIAL when you start opening the throttle. PERFECT balance for unbelieavable wheelies, incredible brakes, superb roadholding. It just feels... mild while riding slowly, and needs caning to start showing what it''s got under the sheeps'' skin. A real wolf, a fun bike, a stuntman''s tool. I''d change the handlebars, throw away the 2 exhausts, sort the suspension, and... Oh God. It''d be a dream tool.

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