vulpine's 2006 Ducati Multistrada 1000s DS
Info: Front view of my Dark Donata
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Info: Donata from teh side!
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Info: Stock, before tank bag and GPS
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Info: DP Tank bag fitted!
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Info: Donata with the electronic toys added! (TomTom Rider) - Excellent bit of kit!
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Info: TomTom Rider fitted to my Multistrada using a aftermarket RAM mount (after a litle modification thanks to a vice and a pair of pliers!)
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Info: After a good wash! Needed it after 6000 miles in all weathers!
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Info: Open clutch cover just (feel sorry for my neighbours at 6am!).
The sound has been likened to a bucket of nuts and bolts, I love it!
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Info: Ducati tank bag fitted, 6k and it has lasted well, good quality in my opinion.
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Info: View from the rear, spot the RAM TomTom mount on the left hand side of the handle bar. Quality bit of kit.
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Info: Arty farty pic of rev counter!
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Info: My baby on a cold Feb morning before MCN Excel Motorbike show  ride out, ride was great, show was shite!
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Info: The end of my Donata.  Someone opened their car door into my path one morning on my way to work.  Damage was enough to write her off.  Goodbye Donata, it was a pleasure! Thank you!
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Information: 3rd Bike (Write-Off)

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