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Member: warner
From: ballard, seattle, WA, United States
Gender: Male
Homepage: http://www.myspace.com/rustyhudson
Member Info: anyone intrested in shooting me an email can message me on myspace. interested in cafe racers?? check out the59club.com
1973 Honda CB 500

Photos: 5
Purchased: Dec 2006
Info: this is my 4th bike, a 1973 Honda CB500 four it is in great unmolested original shape with 16,000 miles the paint is in amazing condition! i cant wait to get it on the road... 5/16/07 I bought this bike in december for $100!! can''t beat that. It had been sitting garaged since the early 80''s the only rust is inside the gas tank and with a jug of Rustol its looking pretty good now. the bik
1996 Yamaha FZR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jun 2003
Info: update.....bike is fixed and ive been commuting on it again for over a year now its a grerwat reliable bike even after i wrecked it........for sale make offer................................ i bought this bike shortly after my 67 started having issues... I was hooked on riding and needed something FAST... i have put over 10K miles on this bike it was my only transportation for over a year...
1967 Honda CB 160

Photos: 2
Info: this is my first bike. it is actually a CL160 not a CB almost identicle. it was used by my grandfather for years just to tool around in the woods when hunting. It only has 4K miles on it. i put about 300 miles on it before it started acting up and leaking. top end engine seals are bad. still fires up though. drum front and rear hard to stop:-)
1972 Honda CB 500

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jun 2007
Info: my second cb500, just picked it up for $300. not bad. its in pretty good shape overall. should(keeping my fingers crossed) just be a carb clean for the most part. planning on doing the rat bike thing with this one. UPDATE: yep just a carb clean and... MODS, check out the new pics!! took the tank off my orange bike
1963 Honda CA105T "Trail 55"

Photos: 5
Purchased: Oct 2008
Info: i bought this running honda c105t "trail 55" for $125 with title. had a broken exhaust, no working electrical, bad tires,trashed seats, no batt, broken speedo, bent bars, and broken left hand controls. got all the parts to fix for another $125 had it apart and back together in about2 weekends. its runs and rides now. good times around 200 mpg
1966 Honda Super 90

Photos: 0
Purchased: Oct 2008
Info: just picked up 2 of these bikes a 66 and a 68 there in decent shape overall. the inside of the tanks look great!! will post pics soon
1968 Honda Super 90

Photos: 0
Purchased: Oct 2008
Info: just picked up 2 of these bikes a 66 and a 68 there in decent shape overall. the inside of the tanks look great!! will post pics soon
1972 Honda CB 500 Four

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 2007
Info: this is my third cb500 four its in decent shape dark green paint. electrical needs to be gone over someone messed with it at some point! could end up a parts bike?? no pics yet its buried in my garage :)
1979 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
Purchased: Nov 2008
Info: just picked this one up for $50.00 has title and keys!!! was parked a year ago because of a dead battery should be a carb clean and a battery to be back on the road........and some air in the tire.
1979 Kawasaki KZ 400

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2006
Sold: Sep 2007
Info: Now SOLD---- it was a great bike!!---- Back on 2 wheels!! this is my 3rd bike and is my current commuter, i built a computer for my buddies dad that cost me $300 and the bike was gifted to me in return. it had 7K miles on it. now (5/17/07)is has just under 11K all it needed was a battery, tires, plugs, some carb cleaner and a carb adjust. and it was on the road. i also added clubman bars
1975 Kawasaki KZ 400

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2007
Sold: May 2008
Info: NOW SOLD----- i never bothered fixing this bike. had to get it out of the garage---- just got 2 of these bikes... one bike for $40. got a second one for free. the free bike is in decent shape but has broken hand controls and is missing headlight mounting bolts and carbs. the $40 bike is complete but has a stuck motor. between the 2 i should be able to get a running bike. the free bike has
1977 Honda CB 550

Photos: 2
Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: just sold this bike a 77 cb550 supersport the exhaust looks new. paint is decent, basicly a stock bike except for the seat idled too high when i bought it. sold with a spare motor i replaced the starter and put the stock airbox back on it. ran well after that.

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