S. Mc Guinness's Member Page
Member: winegum
Name: S. Mc Guinness
From: Various Locations, Dublin, Ireland
Gender: Male
Age: 36 years old
Riding For: 17 years
Member Info: web developer, programmer, administrator, all sorts of anything and everything
1987 Kawasaki GPZ 400

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2005
Info: This bike is a GPZ 400 S, a twin cylinder 4 stroke. The threads have been stripped from the sump, and it hadn´t been touched in a couple of years after being stolen recovered, but it started no problem when I gave it a go.
1995 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 2
Purchased: Oct 2005
Info: CBR600F3, standard with IXIL exhaust, rear hugger and tinted screen
1989 Honda CBR 250

Photos: 1
Info: MC-19 Japanese import (to Ireland), loads of fun to drive :)
1991 Honda CB 250

Photos: 1
Info: Nice bike, but uninteresting. My father liked it.
1991 Honda VFR 400

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2003
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: Standard MC30, November 1991, Japanese Grey import to Ireland I think
1994 Suzuki GN 125

Photos: 0
Info: light, underpowered, a horror, might be good as a first bike for your little sister, easy to drive.
1993 Yamaha RXS 100

Photos: 0
Info: Surprising for a 100cc commuter, the little two stroke was capable of some great wheelies! :) Still...cack
1998 Gilera RC 125

Photos: 0
Info: Great bike :) Very quick
1992 Honda CB 400

Photos: 4
Purchased: May 2003

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