xenba's 1980 Yamaha XS 750

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Purchased: May 2009
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Information: If about 3 cylinder motorcycle, immediately can contact to the famous British manufacturer - triumph, the special engine structure can say is victorious signs, but very individualizing yamaha depot in the 70 s also produce three cylinder structure of motorcycle, it is estimated that many people are all don''t know. I''m lucky to go to the Beijing motor day this motorcycle event, let me three cylinder yamaha 750 and the motorcycle see a noodles, this car is yamaha company in 76 standardized production car, production purpose is in order to adapt to the European customers need to travel long distances, so the shaft transmission design, avoid tedious maintenance, and use transverse three cylinder engine design can effectively reduce the body width at the same time to control the weight of the vehicle, the contrast of transverse 4 cylinder design reduces a cylinder can reduce parts processing difficulty and failure rate at the same time also can be reduced. The structure of the frame in the compasses, more suitable for high speed operation, agile, although is more than 200 kilograms of big guy, but riding without any heavy car feeling, this should be a yamaha company design thought, and wide tires are assembly Dunlop company product, so the configuration luxury HeJinJun European market determination, three cylinder coordinate engine cylinder head adopts double overhead camshaft control valve open, end chain design is advanced technology, start the machine running noise is small, and smooth operation, this and 3 cylinder design is also inseparable. Especially mention is in that s most car or platinum ignition, this car has been used electronic ignition technology, visible when design in line with the purpose of reliability.

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