yamahagords's 1991 Yamaha DT 200

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Purchased: May 2003
Sold: Nov 2007
Information: My dad got this as a write-off from an insurance company. It had hit a car head on and was twisted really bad. He fixed it up and then sold it to me a few years later. I had it for a year when I wrecked it offf a jump. The subframe was bent so I had to strip the bike down completly and bend it back. While I was rebuilding it I rewired it so it doesnīt have as many wires which makes it a lot easier to maintain. During this time I also repainted it as I didnīt care for the light blue. I have also made my own muffler for it as the silencer cuts down on the power. But when I am on the road I put the silencer back on so the police donīt notice me. All in all it is a really tough and good bike. If you look hard enough you will see that the fork angle is really steep and it actually has a drum brake in the front. The front brake is pretty good. I can actually do a stoppie with it but that is also because of the steep fork angle. It also shakes really bad if I go over 120kph on the road.

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