yamahasuzukihondaguy's 1997 Yamaha Banshee
Info: this is my show queen.never ridden.one of my awesom restores 1990 banshee.my dad helped me with this one.it has a chrome FMF fattie and a silencer.hindson cluch and a trinity rebuilt motor.
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Info: this is one of my 98 hillclimbers.the reason it has bald tires on it is I was racing my friend tod on his 87 quadzilla down the main road.
smoked him every time.it has paul turner fattie and FMF sile...
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Info: This is my 250r project I only raced it 2 times it runs off of 112 octaine race gas and it has a paul turner fattie pipe and a fmf silencer.
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Info: this is one of my 85 250rs it has been rebuilt by k&k racing and it has a fmf fattie. i havent had a chance raced it yet tough.
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Info: this is my 95 cheeta cub banshee its bored out to a 421cc I wipped my friend dylan on his yfz 450 on my track
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Info: my 89 quadzilla.its bored over 60cc so its a 560.it runs off of 112octane race gas.But it made 131 hp at the back wheels on alky. it has a FMF fattie and a FMF silencer.This thing will smoke anything ...
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Info: my 1996 banshee bored over to a 400cc
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Info: my 1988 flat track racing blaster bored 40cc over.with a  fmf sst fattie
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Info: this is my dads 2004 yfz 450 specialedition. it was rebuilt by horse power unlimited (the shop that my dad and me own)
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Info: my blasters the one on the left its set up for flat track racing. the red one is my moms.
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Info: this is my 1998 blaster set up for racing only .it runs off of 110 octane.it has a procircuit fattie. and a boost bottle.and it is bored over 60cc.
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Info: this is my friend dan pullin 6th gear around my track.on my brand new 2006 banshee
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Info: another one of my blasters.this one was built just 4 fun.out of some of my spare parts layn around the shop.
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Info: this is a 330z.it started out as a tri-z 250.(bored). I sold it to my friend for 900$
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Info: this another one of my 250r's but this one is a 2 time winner at my local track.it has boysen reeds,paul turner pipe and k&k rebuilt engine.
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Info: this is my 2003 banshee it has toomeny fatties,a jp piston, hot cam and a hot crank and a dura dlue axle.
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Info: me and my friend built this from the ground up.its a 1993 banshee with boysen reeds and a .40cc bore.
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Info: this is my dads fathers day present a new 2005 yamaha banshee(special edition).
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Info: this is another one of my quadzillas.this one was built trinity racing.it runs off 110 octane race gas. its bored over 80cc.oh yeah its fassssstt.
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Info: this is my project banshee built for drag racing.the motor is a off of a 1998 model.its bored over to a 500cc and runs off alky.
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Info: this is a 2004 350 raptor I did a little work to for my cousin.
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Info: my friends 1988 tri-z.
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Info: this is my 1994 flat track racing banshee.another one rebuilt by trinity. its a 430cc motor with a boost bottle and fmf fatties.it also has boysen reeds.runs off 110 octane race gas.I have fun beating...
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Info: this is one of my 4-stroke's.its a 2003 raptor with a pro circuit pipe and a .26cc over bore .it started out as a 660 but now its  a 686.plus its got a +3inch swing arm.
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