yel250's 1996 Aprilia RS 250
Info: My bike along with my mate's. Notice the application of blue on our bikes. Like that Eiffel 65 song, "I'm blue dah-be-dee dah-be-dah!"
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Info: Just a smaller picture of the above. For your viewing pleasure only. Take the other one for your desktop wallpaper! :)
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Info: My Aprilia RS250. Feel free to use it as ur wallpaper or toilet-paper if the need arises! But you gotta have Win 98 or 95Plus! though so that u can stretch the pic by a bit. Ok ppl stop drooling.
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Info: Don't we look cute? Muahahaha
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Info: That's me entering the "Fab Corner" at a local backroad over in Singapore. "Ah mannn!! There's water on the road!! Ah well i'll just close my eyes and pretend nothing's gonna happen the...
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Info: I was about to do a stoppie but my friend snapped the photo before i got my bike's arse in the air. Wut a waste! And yes i did manage to pull the stoppie. Will upload a pic depicting that as soon as i...
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Information: Got my Aprilia RS250 in January 2001. It was using an Arrow Exhaust System but i changed it back to stock cause i don''t want 500-dollar fines coming my way for "Ilegal Modifications". Don''t you just hate the Traffic Police? :) I''m using Goodridge Steel-Braided Hoses for my front brakes. Don''t really see the need to do the same for the rear cause i rarely use it anyway.

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