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Member: yz2stroke
Name: joel moran
From: colo vale, sydney, nsw, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years old
Riding For: 9 years
Member Info: i have been riding now for about 2 and a half years. I started on a yamaha xt250 and have since owned 3 different thumpstars ( 125cc, 140cc, 150cc ), a 1982 honda cr80 ( thats how i learnt to ride a 2 stroke ) a 1994 rm125, a 1992 yz125 and now after a year of not riding i have a 1999 yz125 and lovin it :)
1992 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 18
1989 Honda CR 250

Photos: 5
1994 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 5
1999 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 10
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a guy on his kx450f at a local sand filled riding spot we go to sometimes
Bike: N/A
Length: 5 seconds
Views: 385

Bike: N/A
Length: 9 seconds
Views: 429

Bike: N/A
Length: 13 seconds
Views: 411
kx450f jumping a natural terrain jump at a local riding spot
Bike: N/A
Length: 6 seconds
Views: 427
samuel on his 1985 kx80 at a local riding area
Bike: N/A
Length: 23 seconds
Views: 399
me on my old 1994 rm125 at a local sandy riding spot
Bike: N/A
Length: 21 seconds
Views: 414
my uncles 2004 crf450
Bike: N/A
Length: 44 seconds
Views: 324
cr250 start up after full engine rebuild
Bike: N/A
Length: 31 seconds
Views: 300

Bike: 1992 Yamaha YZ 125
Length: 70 seconds
Views: 755

Bike: 1992 Yamaha YZ 125
Length: 19 seconds
Views: 407

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