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Member: yzinger
Name: rick
From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Riding For: 12 years
Member Info: Name: Rick Make:Yamaha Model:YZ 125 Year:1983 Color:Red And White Performance UpGrades:A Wakeo(not sure how its spelt)Racing Pistion Striaght Through Pipe Some New Plastics
1983 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: May 2005
Info: Thi is my 1983 YZ125 it is a very good bike i just took the cracnk outa it we are rebuilding now the whole new engine will be rebuilt.
1975 Kawasaki KE 100

Photos: 0
Purchased: Aug 2002
Info: this was my first every bike my dad bought it for me at a garage sael for 75$ it wasent running but all it needed was a couple part like a ring and it ran the look on my face was priceless everyone says when i rode it:D
1981 Yamaha IT 465

Photos: 0
Info: this is my dads bike he bought it for 45$ all in peices but everything was there except for a gas tank whick we found at a bike wrecking yard! this is the biggest piece of shit. p.s. the back tire is about a foot wide this is a baja bike
1977 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 0
Info: this is my dads secound bike that started our craze for bikes along with the ke100 its a prettygood biek but not for sand!
2000 Honda XR 200

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jan 2006
Info: this is my new bike its a honda xr200 it is my newest bike yet it is my first 4stroke. so far it has been a good bike.
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2nd ride on bike alittle gunshy just upgraded from a freakin 100 kawasaki 1775 so the yz has alittle bit more power haha.
Bike: 1983 Yamaha YZ 125
Length: 42 seconds
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