2003 Suzuki DRZ 400

Photos: 1
Member: fred7
From: Barcelos Portugal

Photos: 5
Member: teedubleyou
From: Wigan United Kingdom
Info: Absolutely excellent daily ride and also great for some weekend trail riding. :)
Photos: 8
Member: axxis
From: Singapore

Photos: 23
Member: chichio
From: Legionowo Poland
Info: Offroader bike (Y) Goes like stink and has tonnes of torque, looks good too!
Photos: 3
Member: phantomtek
From: Leeds United Kingdom
Info: this bike was written off by a volvo. :(
Photos: 13
Member: drzbenito
From: sleaford United Kingdom

Photos: 5
Member: gazza2003au
From: sydney Australia

Photos: 12
Member: stephenharley
From: Bellingham United States

Photos: 10
Member: cosmosquig
From: Krakow Poland
Info: Andrzej´s bike.
Photos: 1
Member: fik554
From: Wroclaw Poland
Info: Yoshi pipe, Jet kit, Air box cut out, and good tires make this bike fly!  The DRZ has a ton of torque that will muscle up almost any hill.
Photos: 2
Member: chinook73
From: Olympia, WA United States

Photos: 4
Member: elstevo
From: Christchurch New Zealand
Info: Nice with the electric start, this is the S version,very reliable but heavy to pull out of bogs when your nackered and wet, there cool on tarmac aswell, good though a little heavy alround trail bike.
Photos: 2
Member: scrimsmustang
From: Hartlepool United Kingdom

Photos: 9
Member: manaram
From: Colombo Sri Lanka
Info: 2009/2011
Photos: 13
Member: mar0to
From: Madeira Portugal

Photos: 3
Member: computerhacker
From: san diego United States

Photos: 1
Member: dooinslark
From: United Kingdom
Info: DR-Z400e
electric start
Photos: 11
Member: blowout
From: Australia
Info: It is my first own motorbike!
Photos: 27
Member: szemeredik
From: Szeged Hungary
Info: Ali Ganda Cavalo...!!! =)
Photos: 3
Member: cr4zyr1d3r
From: Funchal Portugal

Photos: 3
Member: teez2
From: Canada

Photos: 2
Member: jjhj306
From: Greenfield United Kingdom

Photos: 9
Member: madmotocrosser46
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: bogal2
From: manchester United Kingdom
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