1996 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 3
Member: usho
From: Golub-Dobrzyń Poland

Photos: 8
Member: uzik
From: Siemianowice Poland

Photos: 2
Member: -freddy-
From: UmeŚ Sweden
Info: Looks good at the moment but I would like to get a little bottom fairing, chop the tail,  remove the fairing and get some good mirrors. I have a 2005 Triumph muffler to put on soon as well.
Photos: 4
Member: billythemagicgoat
From: Victoria Canada
Info: one of my first bikes , learnt to wheely , do burnouts and go round corners properly, i had to let her go before i killed her , brill bike loads of good times and memories on this one , swapped for th...
Photos: 5
Member: damothegreat
From: Derby United Kingdom

Photos: 17
Member: jakuba
From: w-wa Poland
Info: Wilbers Rear Shockabsorber, Jackup kit 3,5cm for more ground clearence, ÷hlins Frontfork Springs, Steel braided brake lines, Hurric Supersport exhaustsystem, optical modifications as seen on the pics....
Photos: 14
Member: waltergabl
From: Flaurling Austria

Photos: 2
Member: alst595
From: warrington United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: docdaniel
From: Bombarral Portugal

Photos: 4
Member: gsf600
From: Poland

Photos: 2
Member: mattoseibel
From: Philly United States

Photos: 3
Member: redpearl88
From: Trier Germany

Photos: 8
Member: ducss900nuda
From: Germany

Photos: 6
Member: cor5air
From: Niederkassel Germany

Photos: 2
Member: jalen03
From: United States
Info: Rocks!
Photos: 16
Member: emppu
From: Romania

Photos: 6
Member: jose6000
From: London United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: jokoko
From: Poland
Info: minha bandit....dura e dura....
Photos: 15
Member: patolas
From: funchal Portugal

Photos: 2
Member: kb3emj
From: lancaster United States

Photos: 3
Member: trakmedown
From: United Kingdom
Info: was restricted to 33bhp that came out after a couple of months never sold it just past it to my dad then he gave it to my step brother. now has a blueflame exhaust and has had a little bit of a resrpa...
Photos: 3
Member: ninjanick69
From: wisbech United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: mokick
From: Vilshofen Germany

Photos: 3
Member: ramans
From: Pullman United States
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