2000 Suzuki Hayabusa

Photos: 4
Member: borisevseev
From: Russia
Info: Suzuki GSX1300RY  *Hayabusa*
MIGHTY 220mph/350kmh BUSA !!!!!!
Lost in crash ... on 4th of May 2008 R.I.P.
Photos: 9
Member: benek1981
From: Jersey United Kingdom
Info: wicked fast!
Photos: 2
Member: twistedplezur1
From: bend United States
Info: built from the ground up
Photos: 4
Member: busa2222
From: gastonia United States

Photos: 1
Member: hayabusa200
From: Cork Ireland

Photos: 22
Member: xevada
From: Radomsko Poland

Photos: 4
Member: uperkut
From: Lille France

Photos: 2
Member: ntom
From: Giannitsa Greece
Info: An awesome piece of engineering
Photos: 40
Member: cbsf
From: Athens Greece

Photos: 1
Member: hayabusatom
From: Wuppertal Germany
Info: Arrow,PCIII,K&N....
Photos: 17
Member: gixer79
From: Czechowice-Dziedzice Poland

Photos: 3
Member: grimreaper61
From: Leicester United Kingdom

Photos: 15
Member: colb
From: Australia

Photos: 1
Member: busaunt
From: sydney Australia
Info: This is n BUSA on steriods!!!!  1400cc and is fully loaded without NOS or Turbo!!!  220 bhp on wheel. 246 km/h 1/4 mile , 282 km/h .......
Photos: 3
Member: wolf620
From: Bloemfontein South Africa
Info: M4 Exhust
Lowered 1 1/2" in the front
Lowered 1" in the rear
Photos: 1
Member: naptown
From: Oxnard United States

Photos: 1
Member: busa4show
From: Bossier City United States

Photos: 11
Member: taurustuga
From: Portugal

Photos: 21
Member: mcallan
From: nibe Denmark

Photos: 2
Member: manaram
From: Colombo Sri Lanka

Photos: 1
Member: busabike
From: Luton United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: busadon71
From: Bossier City United States

Photos: 4
Member: neagoe
From: Bucharest Romania

Photos: 4
Member: minic
From: Zvonimorovac Croatia (Hrvatska)
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