2000 Suzuki Hayabusa
Info: pic is of stock busa with mcxpress turbo installed, custom exhaust, multi-stage boost controller in mirror, air shifter.  bike is apart to get 1430cc big block, triple k turbo, web cams, carrillo rods...
Photos: 3
Member: turbo1430ccbusa
From: dallas,tx United States
Info: South Street Boyz - http://www.southstreetboyz.com
Photos: 2
Member: kyleb
From: Brandon United States

Photos: 2
Member: atincderici
From: Turkey

Photos: 6
Member: spaker99
From: london United Kingdom

Photos: 6
Member: jimc
From: GA United States

Photos: 1
Member: mbnickel
From: Indianapolis United States
Info: Can you motorcycle do 202.9mph? Well, a suzuki hayabusa can. Take that Ducati!  www.kaoscrew.com
Photos: 2
Member: wheelieboy1
From: Chicago United States
Info: 2K Red-n-Silver Hayabusa. HMF dual high mounts w/ carbon canisters, PCII, small airbox mod, K&N, Pair valve mod, TRE, 43T rear sprocket, BDE dogbones, Schnitz triple plate, lowered 3/4
Photos: 1
Member: birdoprey
From: Jacksonville United States

Photos: 2
Member: 196509030
From: kuwait Kuwait

Photos: 1
Member: landwarrior
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: eliminatorguy
From: LIVERPOOL United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: zillamoto
From: United States
Info: 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R

I've owned this bike since new.  I've put many of thousands of dollars of work into it.  It's almost where I want it!  Just need to get the Marchesini rims on it and ...
Photos: 17
Member: busarider54
From: Plech Germany

Photos: 8
Member: castor
From: United States

Photos: 7
Member: alfabrizio
From: United States
Info: What can I say?  Awesome!
Photos: 29
Member: luap
From: United States

Photos: 2
Member: skyhighboom
From: Kuwait
Info: Sold it in 2008 to a guy who was going to turn it into a three wheeler, and it had nearly 40K miles.
Photos: 8
Member: mffjm2
From: Waldorf United States
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