1984 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 4
Member: yogione
From: Radcliffe manchester United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: alan12656
From: United Kingdom
Info: This was a 300 buck project. Put in about 100hrs just stripping it to the core and start fresh. This bike now runs great, without the flatslide carb. Going to do a few finishing touches - then ride th...
Photos: 1
Member: cannonman
From: Canada

Photos: 1
Member: tekoopgoedestaat
From: utrecht Netherlands
Info: this bike was a real peace of crap. the only reason i took on this project was, when i opened up the motor. it was a fresh rebuild. with 0 run time. but the idiot that had it last tried to seal the he...
Photos: 9
Member: dirtbiker84
From: United States

Photos: 1
Member: yamahayz125dude
From: United States
Info: i bought this to rig up a little play bike with out a motor. i bought the frame for $80cdn and sold it for $150 good amount. then i got an IT 250 motor to go in it but sold that for $80cdn. i bought t...
Photos: 1
Member: arcticcat
From: Bishopville Canada

Photos: 1
Member: sebastiaan
From: Netherlands

Photos: 2
Member: mrreedam
From: Rescue United States
Info: I have fully restored my rm125 1984 e model it is showroom spec it looks great i had the bike as a school boy and stashed it away i busted it out about a year back and totaly restored it all the paint...
Photos: 4
Member: toomsey
From: Leicester United Kingdom
Info: Repair
Photos: 19
Member: borek
From: Poznan Poland
Info: I bought this bike in parts and fixed it up.
Worked very good when everything was fixed
Photos: 6
Member: phanorama
From: Norway

Photos: 1
Member: 39974
From: colton United States
Info: This is the Fred´s bike, my friend from Montréal.
Photos: 3
Member: mononkmathieu
From: Blainville Canada
Info: 1984 Suzuki RM 125. Water Cooled with drum brakes front and back. It had a very troublesome carburettor, I replaced piston and rings 3 times in 1 year, with heavy use. It had a very aggresive powerban...
Photos: 2
Member: irshaad
From: johannesburg South Africa
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