2005 Suzuki SV 650s

Photos: 1
Member: bishboshjp
From: Huddersfield United Kingdom

Photos: 7
Member: rudzi0
From: Poland

Photos: 2
Member: lafejos
From: Hungary

Photos: 2
Member: atis850417
From: miskolc Hungary

Photos: 2
Member: pacuscp
From: Barcelona Spain

Photos: 5
Member: trovao
From: Poznań Poland

Photos: 6
Member: bencejuko111
From: Szombathely Hungary

Photos: 7
Member: billyrsv
From: Moscow Russia

Photos: 2
Member: moniq88
From: Warszawa Poland

Photos: 4
Member: centroxut
From: Spain

Photos: 3
Member: svsk5
From: Bonn Germany

Photos: 9
Member: ildottore
From: MADRID Spain

Photos: 8
Member: bisnoid
From: Barcelona Spain

Photos: 4
Member: ulfuk
From: Jelenia Gora Poland

Photos: 5
Member: radziorek15
From: Białystok Poland

Photos: 1
Member: bobmarlej
From: Rzeszów Poland

Photos: 1
Member: astorsv
From: Gijon Spain

Photos: 4
Member: stejsky
From: Czech Republic

Photos: 8
Member: dagonet
From: Warsaw Poland

Photos: 15
Member: matti91
From: Poland

Photos: 6
Member: atis0417
From: Miskolc Hungary

Photos: 10
Member: stikli
From: Sajóecseg Hungary

Photos: 6
Member: lukkas
From: Pyrzyce Poland
Info: Sv's are far from girls bikes. No, they dont have the sportiness of some other bikes. But the sv can do everything, if not more than a lot of super sports ;)
Photos: 1
Member: whistler26
From: Poland
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