2001 Triumph TT 600
Info: We figured we´d get some higher learning done at our college.
Photos: 3
Member: blindfold
From: St. Albert Canada
Info: Triumph TT600 - possibly the cleanest bike you´ll ever see, I´ve got a bit of an obsessive cleaning thing going on!!

Purchased from Knotts of Stratford after a lot of searching for the ´right one´ ...
Photos: 7
Member: steveh
From: Gloucester United Kingdom
Info: baught in april of 04 with just under 2k, bike was origionaly put on the road in 04 as a left over. i rode all summer (07) and now am in the beginning stages of making this a track bike.
Photos: 3
Member: duffdaddy
From: Orange United States

Photos: 2
Member: knuto
From: Tromsø Norway

Photos: 5
Member: russellperr02
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: vbenedic
From: Boise United States

Photos: 2
Member: tt600
From: Cleveland,Ohio United States
Info: Purchased this in March 0f 2001 from Cycle Riders of Orlando, Florida.  Paid $7388.  It's my first bike and I am LOVING it.  Can't ride it enough, and my wife is totally sick of me talking about it.
Photos: 1
Member: chriskirkman
From: Rockledge United States
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