1984 Yamaha IT 200

Photos: 11
Member: vmxenduro
From: Australia

Photos: 3
Member: hatrick1960
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: bluepower
From: peoria United States

Photos: 15
Member: ripitup09
From: adelaide Australia
Info: Mostly original, new clutch 2008. Old bike that runs great!!!
Photos: 1
Member: maguida
From: Rockland Canada

Photos: 4
Member: principalsprinciples
From: United States

Photos: 3
Member: bigbitch
From: devon Canada

Photos: 1
Member: yz490u
From: New Zealand

Photos: 16
Member: mace1210
From: Castleford United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: rodda
From: merriton Australia

Photos: 4
Member: brearley
From: Hobart Australia
Photos: 3
Member: arcticcatboy
From: sdfgh Costa Rica

Photos: 3
Member: yamrideroz
From: Melbourne Australia

Photos: 7
Member: pressure
From: Sooke Canada
Info: my bro with the XTs new bike "I picked this bike up for $800 with just over 1000km on it. Totally mint, vintage trail bike." It´s faster than an F150 and a Dodge Caravan
Photos: 1
Member: mavrik237
From: Langley Canada

Photos: 2
Member: mikkee
From: north vancouver Canada
Info: So i bought this bike in October of 2005. I blew a bottom end barring 1/2 an hour later.
took the whole thing apart.
Spent 1000+ dollers on parts. 
Then James and I put it all back together.

Photos: 41
Member: painfulbliss
From: Langley Canada
Info: i bought this in jun 2005. hit the ground first day got a permanent scar on my left arm from road rash excellent working bike. it looks a lot different now. the guy who owned it be for me wanted it to...
Photos: 4
Member: arcticcat
From: Bishopville Canada
Info: I picked this bike up for $800 with just over 1000km on it. Totally mint, vintage trail bike. just recently i have bought new handel bars, chain, sproket, grips, and rear brake pads. These are the onl...
Photos: 137
Member: jbusser
From: Langley Canada
Info: My best buddy´s new screamer. I want to buy it off him really bad!
Photos: 5
Member: mavrik250
From: Langley Canada
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